Our Horse Partners


Birthday: May 25, 2011

Colour: Bay

Breed: Half Andalusian

Height: 16hh

Gender: Gelding

Rio is our super star – and boy does he know it! He is a big and bold character. He loves playing with people at liberty and is especially partial to being tackless as often as possible. He is Marina’s first foal and the son of Marina’s first horse.



Birthday: April 20, 2010

Colour: Chestnut with a Star, Snipe, and Left Hind Sock

Breed: Canadian Horse – Endangered Breed

Height: 15.2hh

Gender: Gelding

Xan is one super suck of a horse. He loves people and is very cuddly. He likes to move at a slower pace and conserve his energy. He came to us after ending up on route to an auction. When he first arrived he was very insecure and unconfident, making him a fearful and, at times, dangerous horse. With time and Pair Bond Training Xan has become the very brave and confident guy he was always meant to be!



Birthday: Unknown, 2005?

Colour: Chestnut with a Left Hind Sock

Breed: Miniature Horse

Height: 8hh

Gender: Gelding

Trigger is a cute but tough little dude. He measures in at one 32” tall! Due to his small size he often travels in the back seat of Marina’s truck. He and Xanthus are best friends, and have been since their first meeting. They can usually be found napping, eating, and walking together.



Birthday: April 4, 2010

Colour: Buckskin with a Star, Snipe and Two Hind Socks

Breed: Andalusian

Height: 15hh

Gender: Stallion

This man is our most sensitive and flashy horse. He loves to move and show off for the lady horses. Marina and her sister Emma bought him in Sudbury as a 5 year old. He was so timid and sensitive that he would canter away if a human even made eye contact with him. Like Xan, with time and Pair Bond Training he no longer runs from humans… he runs to them! This little stallion lives a full life with his best friend Rio and has had one baby, a wonderful little filly named Callisto.



Birthday: April 2, 2002

Colour: Red Dun Roan with a Blaze, Dorsal Stripe, Leg Barring

Breed: Spanish Mustang – Critically Endangered Bloodlines

Height: 13.3hh

Gender: Mare

Quita is a wonderful mare. Her name is Spanish for Ladybug. She is strong-willed and stubborn at times, but that’s mostly to test the character of the people around her. Marina ended up with Mariquita when her owner realized that she was too much to handle. Her owner loved her very much and had all the best intentions but unfortunately that didn’t work out for the best… until she asked for Marina’s help. Now Quita is the sweetest mare who loves to engage with people and show them what Pair Bond Training is all about. Mariquita and Wasco are expecting their first foal in 2018.



Birthday: July 18, 2009

Colour: Smokey Black

Breed: Canadian Horse – Endangered Breed

Height: 14.2hh

Gender: Stallion

Wasco is a charming and confident little stallion. He and Mariquita live together as a mated pair. He traveled here all the way from Quebec in January of 2017. It was a big adjustment for him and took him a little bit of time to settle. He is a very handsome boy with a bright future ahead of him!