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The 7 Mindful Movements - Understanding the subtleties of Liberty Horsemanship

The Foundation of Pair Bond Training!

This weath of knowledge is only available to lesson students and clinic participants at this time.

Contact Marina now to sign up for or organize a clinic near you, or book your private lesson.

"This method is so much more in line with my belief system as to what the horse/human bond can be. The interactions with the horses, the actual experience of the techniques is extremely valuable and a hugely beneficial take-away for both me and my horse" - clinic participant feedback

1 hour Private Lesson: $50

Monthly Lease with Lessons:

4 Lessons and 4 Semi-Independent Sessions  to work on Homework: $350.00

4 Lessons and 8 Independent Sessions  to work on Homework: $600.00

Lease Horses Available:

Valerio - 2011 Half Andalusian, 16 hh, Gelding

Comet - 2008 Pinto, 14hh, Mare

Mariquita - 2003 Spanish Mustang, 13.3hh, Mare

For more information on lease horses contact Marina.

Clinics: Clinics are Pair Bond Training specific. However, they can be tailored to many topics/focuses if desired. Agendas are available for half day (3 hours), Full Day (6 hours), and 2 day (12 hours)

With The Wright Approach it's important that there is a solid foundation of relationship before we move on to the next step, whatever that is for you. Horses are social creatures and need to be treated as such.

** Children must be 10 years old or of equivalent focus and maturity to enroll in lessons and leasing. This is at the discretion of Marina.