Ghost Treeless Saddles

About Ghost Saddles:

For thousands of years, people rode bareback or used lambskin or wool blankets. Treed saddles weren't common until the middle ages, when horses went to battle with knights sitting tight in saddles with high fronts and rears, to prevent being tipped out of the saddle by a lance.    Early nomads rode for days on their treeless saddles, 2 cushions on both sides of the spine, held together with leather straps and covered by decorative saddle covers.  

Ghost saddles are a modern version of these ancient saddles. It has been completely redesigned by a team of leading Treeless Saddle experts. It is an extremely versatile saddle which fits a variety of horses. The Ghost saddle is very stable even on the most difficult to fit horses and has very good spinal clearance and weight distribution created by the use of soft Sympanova panels which creates airflow and breath-ability. These panels have special foam inserts, which can be added to, if necessary, with additional shims. These panels are movable in position to create the best fit for each horse.

The saddle has a flexible carbon pommel which will fit even the widest of horses and the special V girthing system is also adjustable in its position on the horse.  The overall structure of the saddle is self adjusting to each horse and therefore suits many different shapes/sizes/breed of horse, which is great if you have more than one horse to ride!

The side plates are layers of carbon fiber and a kevlar-like material for incredible strength yet flexibility.

The saddle can be used with either traditional English style leathers or fenders that slip onto a 2.5cm leather. Two positions are available - the center 2 rings in the
Ghost base pictured here.

The V rigging allows for a wide range horse shapes to keep the girth in the most stable position. 


Ghost Treeless saddle features:

The Ghost has more "twist” to the seat than other treeless saddles which means less stress on the hips. 
It has a very close contact feel.
•The supportive seat allows you to sit in the correct shoulder-hip-heel position without force. 
•Stirrup and girth rigging are built into the side plates of the base, not hung over the spine. 
The panels can be adjusted and also filled with different or extra material. 
Thigh rolls in either a GP or dressage angle offer support and rider security without getting in the way.
The girth straps are adjustable in position and make the saddle very stable. 
It is light weight (4 – 4.5 kilos, 9-10 pounds)
There are no hard parts, the saddle is flexible to adapt to the shape of the horse throughout the stride. 
Two stirrup positions to support either a GP or dressage riding style.
Manufactured in Europe (Italy) from environmentally friendly leather, no child labor involved.
The seats are interchangeable to any style you like as long as it is the same size base.
A choice of materials including Nubuck, Oiled Nubuck, leather, wool, sheepskin and two synthetic materials are available
Available in three sizes, Standard (adult ~18"), Piccolo (small adult ~17") and Bambini (child ~16")
Very well priced for quality, workmanship and design.